The Best Gluten-Free Food in Madrid

Looking for gluten-free food in Madrid? You’ve come to the right place.

Before travelling, one of my main worries as a coeliac was how I was going to navigate eating in each location. Looking back, it was definitely easier to find a better range of gluten-free food in some places than in others. That is why we have decided to start a new section of our blog, dedicated to the best gluten-free eateries we’ve visited. Starting our series is the Best Gluten-Free Food in Madrid.

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Madrid is obviously an extremely popular destination for tourists from all over the world so I was confident that there would be some good gluten-free options for sample. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of variety available.

Similarly to the UK, a lot of restaurants in Madrid have the universal “gluten-free” symbol next to the item on the menu and some even have it displayed in their shop window.

Of the eateries listed below, half were ones we pre-researched whilst the other half ended up being stumbled across during our visit.

Disclaimer: I didn’t get (what I call) “gluten spiked” throughout my whole trip in Madrid; however, I am admittedly not as sensitive as a lot of other coeliacs. I can not speak for any potential behind-the-scenes cross-contamination and will only list places here that state their items are gluten-free. If you are very seriously affected by cross-contamination, I would strongly recommend only eating in locations that are listed as completely gluten-free.

I would recommend doing your own research and asking your own questions in ALL of these places; management, menus and procedures can change and I am simply writing from my own experience after visiting in 2022.


Sin Gluten – Gluten-Free

Enfermedad celiaca – coeliac disease

Sweet Treats 

Pasteleria La Oriental Gluten Free

C. de Ferraz, 47, 28008 Madrid, Spain

If you’re gluten-free and going to Madrid you HAVE to go to Pasteleria La Oriental Gluten Free. This is by far the best gluten-free bakery I have ever been to. They had such a wide variety of delicacies to try including lots of vegan and dairy-free options.

This bakery is very highly accredited and I feel confident in recommending them after eating their amazing products. I tried a croissant and a cookie whilst Alex inhaled a doughnut. I obviously really enjoyed mine and Alex said his doughnut tasted exactly like a gluten doughnut; obviously, there were no complaints from him.

Unfortunately by this point in the day, both of our phones had died so we can’t share any photos of our trip. However, you can check out their reviews and photos on their website.

Chocolateria 1902 

C. de San Martín, 2, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Chocolateria 1902 was one of my highlights of Madrid, especially after we stumbled across its massive Gluten-Free Churros sign! I was so excited to try churros in Madrid and I’m so glad we did.

The staff assured me that the gluten-free churros were made in a completely different fryer so were safe from cross-contamination. We both shared a portion of giant churros with a hot chocolate dipping sauce that was absolutely amazing! Highly recommend stopping by for a sweet treat whilst you’re in Madrid.

0% Gluten

C. de Vallehermoso, 33, 28015 Madrid, Spain

As you can tell by the name, 0% Gluten is a completely gluten-free bakery in Madrid. They have a wide range of bread, pastries, sandwiches and sweet treats and it is definitely not one to miss!

We saw this on Find Me Gluten Free – which I highly recommend downloading if you haven’t already. I loved 0% gluten and would definitely go back next time I’m in Madrid; we only stopped by for a quick sandwich.



In the UK, the lack of gluten-free options in McDonald’s is severely disappointing, seemingly one of the worst in Europe. That is why I was really excited to try a gluten-free Mcdonald’s.

At first, I was hesitant about the cross-contamination but the burgers come wrapped in their own individual bags and “sin gluten” stickers. The bun was slightly drier than a normal burger (isn’t everything gluten-free) so Alex had to taste it first.

If you haven’t had a real Mcdonald’s burger in a long time, you definitely won’t notice the difference. If your respective country has always had gluten-free options at your fast food restaurants then you don’t need to try such goodness!


Rodilla was another random eatery we stumbled upon and I’m so glad we did! Maybe it was just due to how hangry I was at the time but I remember Rodilla having the best ham and cheese toastie I have ever had in my entire life. The lady didn’t speak a lot of English but she seemed pretty certain that they use a separate grill for the gluten-free toasties and in my hunger, I believed her.

If you do go, double-check with the branch you visit that this is still the case as their own website states they have both a sin-gluten and separate coeliac option. Rodilla is a chain so you may stumble across a few while strolling around Madrid.


Carrefour has to be one of the most underrated places to get snacks when you’re a coeliac. Every Carrefour we visited in Madrid had an extensive gluten-free section, even the express stores. We were blessed with beautiful weather during our visit so we grabbed some gluten-free snacks and went for a picnic at Parque de El Retiro. If you get the chance, definitely grab yourself some breadsticks or crispbreads, cured meat and some cheese and you have yourself a perfect Spanish picnic (just don’t forget the olives).



Zenith Brunch & Cocktails

C. de Valverde, 28, 28004 Madrid, Spain

We liked Zenith so much that we actually visited it twice during our five-day visit. As it’s quite a touristy place, the staff speak excellent English and are very helpful when it comes to allergens. Zenith’s menu is also extremely detailed and lists the allergens on them making the process really easy. I would highly recommend the tapioca and the gluten-free pancakes; although their gluten-free bread looked really good so I would imagine their breakfasts are also amazing!

Taberna La Concha

C. de la Cava Baja, 7, 28005 Madrid, Spain

If you are looking for things to do in Madrid at night, there is nothing better than a good tapas bar and Taberna La Concha is exactly that!

It’s a gorgeous little tapas bar that is very easy to miss in Madrid; so easy to miss in fact, we actually only popped in here for a drink and saw someone else ordering from their gluten-free tapas menu. Having already eaten, we, unfortunately, didn’t get to try the tapas but the options looked amazing, especially the calamari sandwich! Definitely do not miss this hidden gem on your visit!

La Tape

cruce con Manuela Malasaña, C. de San Bernardo, 88, 28015 Madrid, Spain

La Tape was another one we found on Find Me Gluten Free. Whilst it was quite pricey for our backpacker’s budget, it seemed really appetising. La Tape is actually a craft beer bar that had several gluten-free beers on offer. We weren’t sure what to expect when they pulled up a table for us outside on the side of the road and steep hill, but these always seem to be the best places. La Tape is completely gluten-free so no cross-contamination worries with this establishment.

It is worth nothing to say will say that the portion sizes were slightly disappointing but I think it’s just more of a tapas location. Alex really enjoyed his octopus and I was super excited to try my croquettes. The brunch menu at La Tape looked really good so we would definitely come back for brunch next time we are in Madrid.

Emma y Julia

C. de la Cava Baja, 19, 28005 Madrid, Spain

Emma y Julia was another one we didn’t get the chance to try which was sad. This is a very highly rated Italian restaurant in Madrid that has a wide range of gluten-free options including pizza, pasta and desserts. It appears to be popular amongst the coeliac community as it was high on my recommended list. Although traditional Spanish cuisine is a must-try if you’re in Madrid, if you fancy some Italian food then definitely do not miss out on this one!

To conclude, Madrid is awash with gluten-free eateries and sweet treats meaning there is always something to eat, no matter what you’re craving. This will also allow you to experience traditional Spanish food without having to experience that awful pain in your stomach.

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There you have it; The Best Gluten-Free Food in Madrid, outlining all the best gluten-free food in Madrid so you know where to visit BEFORE you arrive so you won’t be left disappointed. Feel free to add any of your own recommendations in the comments!

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Disclaimer: Some of the links included on our website may contain affiliate links. We may receive some commission from purchases made via these but it will NOT affect the price you pay. This is to allow this site to stay online and ensure that readers use, what we believe, is the best products possible whilst travelling.

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  1. I have never paid attention to gluten-free products, but I am so pleasantly surprised by the very wide variety of foods that are available for individuals who need gluten-free foods. The churros with the chocolate dipping sauce looked delicious!

  2. Coming from someone who has a lot of food intolerances, its nice to know that there are so many places nowadays that accommodate speacial diets. Your photos made me quite hungry! LOL

  3. OMG this all looks so delicious that I’m feeling hungry just reading this! Gorgeous photos – it’s making me want to hop on a flight back to Madrid right now!

    1. Thank you so much Coralie! You definitely should; we absolutely loved visiting and will be back!

  4. These places look amazing, and it’s great to hear you can find so many gluten-free options in Madrid! I would love to visit Zenith 🙂

  5. All of the food in these pictures look amazing, but especially the churros. They have my mouth watering! Thanks for sharing these spots to eat – it can definitely be difficult to find restaurants offering an array of gluten free options.

    1. We LOVED the churros; you should definitely go if you ever visit Madrid! Thanks for your comment Alaina, you’re very kind.

  6. I can’t believe the great gf food you found in Madrid. I was not gluten-free when I visited Madrid years ago but I am now and these tips are great.

  7. This is great! I can’t believe how many delicious gluten free things you found! 0% Gluten is on my list to visit😃 thank you!

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  9. I’m so glad Madrid has so many GF options! My youngest sister struggles with gluten and we’d been pining to travel to Madrid for so long, we have no excuses no more!

  10. This is such a helpful post! Some of my family members have celiac, and it’s great to know about these gluten-free options in Madrid.

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